Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Picnic Blanket + Bride Q&A

Q: Why does it take you so long to post?
A: When I do a project, it usually keeps me up most of the night, so I don't do it the same day.. Next thing you know, a whole week or so has gone by. However, in the case of the picnic blanket project, it took me so long because I wanted to take pictures of it outside, and it rained for like 100 days straight.

Q: Why a picnic blanket?
A: For the weenie roast (the day before the wedding) I realized we would never have enough seating, so I thought I'd whip up some adorable picnic blankets with a monogram... and I love the whole monogram idea, but both of our last names begin with "S", so it works for everyone.

Q: Do you think it's a bit overboard for you to try and style a photo shoot like this? I mean comon, sandals, hats, lanterns, a picnic basket with wine glasses... who do you think you are?
A: yes, it's overboard. Totally and completely overboard. Especially since I didn't bother to get real nice pictures (without shade). But it makes sense, because I'm Mandy and that's just the way I do things sometimes.

Q: That's a huge picnic basket... why would you have such an over sized useless item... oh my.. wait... did you buy that just for the purpose of this photo shoot that's not a photo shoot?
A: What if I did?
Q: I'll do the questions, you do the answers!
A: Yes, I bought it at a tag sale to benefit MDOG. It was 50 cents. So there.
Q: Do you think it's a bit pathetic that you are questioning and answering yourself strictly for the amusement of your 5 blog readers?
A: Yes. Let's move along here....

Q: Actually it's pretty cute. How long did it take to make the blanket? How many more are you going to make? What are you going to do with them after?
A: It was probably a 20 minute process to sew, then another 20 to embroider the "S". I think I have enough fabric to make 5 or 6... and I suppose I'll just give them away afterwards, well I know I have to give away at least 2, the mother and mother-in-law already called dibs. So if you want an "S" blanket... you'll have to "call it" pretty soon.

Q: Why didn't you take a picture of the dogs on the blanket?
A: Oh, well, I thought I'd leave them inside to eat a tray of about 20 stuffed shells that I had planned to bring to my cousin and his wife to celebrate their new home.

Q: Oh my God. How many times are you going to be so foolish and let Bruno eat everything you make?
A: That's not really a fair question. Look at that face! He's still got some ricotta on his nose...

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