Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm here... really, I am!

I've been around doing things... the reason I haven't been blogging about those things is because they are boring - or repetitive.... I did tell you that I had to make 35 of those bags right? Yah... repetitive.

I've been working on my table, the chairs, I made a hat for the Kentucky Derby Party I went to...
Me, sister Katie, cousin Steffie
then I was backed up with mother's day activities - which I will post about later. Then there was a week of nice weather, so I was outside with the dogs. This past weekend we went to Maine and did some nitty gritty preparation for the wedding.
scrapped the porch ceiling
and then painted it...

And I did make some whoopie pies. I had been wanting to try out another recipe to see if I could find the perfect one to make for the favors for our wedding. So I tried a recipe that won the "best overall" at the Fryeburg Fair in 1998. But I have to tell you - I didn't think it was that great. I will admit that I probably made them too big, and they fluffed up too much, which made the filling to cake ratio a tad bit off. But the cakey part was dry... and no-one likes dry cake. Oh, they'll tell you if it's dry (Mom).

Anyway as I was tasting yet another failure, I was getting the filling all over my fingers. "I hate this" I thought to myself... "why does the filling always ooze out the sides of stuff?" Think about it: nearly anything that is sandwiched in between 2 pieces of something else always oozes out: ruebens, grilled cheese, whoopie pies, ice cream sandwiches. And this is something that I have always disliked about sandwich style food.

"What am I doing?" was the next thing I asked. And while I was talking to myself in my head, Dan walked in and asked the same thing; "What are you doing? Why are you making these again - nobody even likes them." Then it struck me: wait a minute.. I don't like these, Dan doesn't like these... why AM I making them for OUR wedding? Just because they are a Maine thing doesn't mean they are a good thing. So then, back to the drawing board. I had the idea of having chocolate covered blueberries instead. So I tried making some.

I'm not really wild about these either... plus they are super time consuming. Don't get me wrong, they taste good. But I think I am slightly turned off by the amount of work that would go into making enough for 120 people.

So then, dear reader, what should I do? I have a lobster lollipop mold, but I was going to make those for the welcome bags. I'm afraid that I am stuck once again.

What do you suggest for favors? Something that says, "Maine" and "Mandy and Dan" and "Thank you for driving 500 miles round trip for our wedding..."

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