Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bye Bye July

Good riddance. July was crazy. Want to see how crazy? Ok, I'll show you:

Adirondack Chairs: June 27

Adirondack Chairs: July 1

Adirondack Chairs: July 4

1st Project of July: Complete Adirondack chairs as a gift to my Grandparents
July 4: Scrape and Sand Chairs

Fresh paint happened on the 24th

Enslave Relatives on July 3: Remove glass panes from Lanterns
July 6: Stop screwing around with hand-grinder. Use Dad's super drill for MORE POWER. Balsam was flying everywhere!
A Project for Mom and Grandma: Fill the bags
Smart Ladies.
Boy those are cute! Cross another one off the list!
Dad slaves over copy-cat sign
Don't let his face fool you, he was actually quite excited about this.
Mom and Nana create a layout on the 23rd

Nicely Done!

July 16 - 23rd: Mom and Grandma hard at work painting posts
The Table Markers sans table names
July 22 - 24: Dad, Uncle Steve, Uncle Joe, Wayne and Papa hard at work at the wedding site: 1. Build fireplace

2. Mow grass.... lot's of grass!

Remove Uncle Steve's stuck van from this treacherous path

Just keep mowing, just keep mowing...

Oh yah, can you build a road while you're at it?

digging to add culverts

still mowing...

gravel delivery!

A little bit bumpy...

Getting there...

working culvert!

Man that looks good! What a productive weekend?
Re-paint this loungy couch a pretty white
July 25: Enslave Bridesmaid and her husband to help make tent decorations
Did I mention we also got married in a religious service? Yah... we did some planning for that during July as well.
Don't look at those bags under my eyes, it was a busy month. Keep your eyes on that adorable dress I got for $45!
 And just think: August might be busier! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me out this month, I definitely could not do it without you, especially the Mom.... she's good! Now if you add in couple of hospital visits and a lot of laundry, you've got my month of July. Hopefully you will forgive me for not posting with more regularity!