Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DIY Monogram Beach Bag

I told you that I have been busy doing wedding things, and I have - I swear. A lot of those things have been pretty lame: calling vendors, sending checks, stocking up on supplies to start all of these DIY things I intend to do. But there have been some projects tossed in there; one of which is below.

Since I fully intend on exploiting my bridesmaids to accomplish said projects, I figured that I better reward them adequately - and it never hurts to pay up front. A while back I had this idea to give them a bag full of items that they could use during the wedding weekend, but I didn't know exactly what would be in that bag until I found this adorable set of beach bags. They are a combination burlap/raffia and just about the most Cape-Cod-esque things I have seen in quite some time. Since I intend to have perfect weather the weekend of the wedding, I planned a canoe trip for the day before just to get people relaxed and having fun together. These beach bags are perfect for that! Not only do they look beachy, but they are big enough to hold all of the things you need to spend an afternoon in a canoe: towel, sunglasses, flip flops, beer, etc.

The problem with these cute bags is that they needed something extra to make them pop and seem exclusive (after all, isn't that what being in a wedding party is all about?) So I got an idea to jazz them up a bit, and very fortunately - it worked! The first time! Unbelievable luck! So below, you will find the step by step photo tutorial on how to make your own. (ps - bridesmaids of mine: you may want to stop reading if you like surprises).

My printer wasn't working, so I had to get ghetto and trace the letters from the screen. I used the font "fireflies"

After tracing, I glued the paper to a piece of cardstock for heft and cut out the lettering. You could use an exacto knife, if you are coordinated like that... I'm not. Be sure when you cut little circles, etc that you put them on the bag in the next step, or it wont work.

I put a piece of cardboard between the top layer of the bag and the bottom layer. wax paper probably would have worked too, but I didn't feel like going downstairs.
Spray the bad side with craft adhesive - I used Elmer's - and then put down on top of bag. Secure in place by rubbing your fingers over the edges. See the loops I am holding here? Don't forget about those!
There they are!
Once your stencil is securely in place, dab fabric paint on with a sponge brush. I used Tulip paint in black. Make sure you dab, a stroke would be disastrous!
When you are done (before the paint dries) carefully peel off your stencil.
Aw, it looks so good!
I used a pin to get those little loops unstuck - my fingers are far too large and clumsy.
viola! Quite a cute bunch, aren't they? I left the cardboard in place overnight for the bags to fully dry... it came out just fine the next day.

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