Wednesday, March 30, 2011

non-sewing crafts

I've been forced to take a short hiatus from sewing. Why, you ask?

Because I own a Devil Dog.
Aero, the Devil Dog.
She may look all cute and sweet here. But don't be fooled! She will come whipping through your craft room at 90 MPH and in one fell swoop, break the enormous (expensive) piece of glass that protects the table, and get caught up in the wires that connect the sewing machine to the power source - which will promptly cause her to drag said 20lb sewing machine onto the ground, leaving serious dents in the wood floor and also, separating the electrical cord from the foot pedal to the actual machine, rendering you powerless. Literally.

Luckily, she didn't add injury to insult by getting any glass in her paws - I don't think I could stomach another $400 vet bill, or giving (read: forcing) the dogs oral medications for 14 straight days... no, she only broke the glass, the floor and the sewing machine I JUST spend $85 on to tune up. Ah yes, that's my girl.

But I've been meaning to complete a few glue gun projects around here anyway, so I took the time to make a spring wreath, put some green ribbon and "leaves" on the stems of my germ-free flowers, and completely re-do my chair for the office... where I work in my real job.


After (front)

After (back)

Denim covered buttons hide staples well

Was the banner with my name really necessary? No, of course not - but it is fun. The fabric is a greenish tan, and actually it's leftover from when I covered the cushions on my front porch seat. It's pretty durable, and hopefully it will stand up to office grossness. I have to admit that I didn't plan well (shockingly) and ended up short (quite a bit) of fabric for the seat. So I took one of the cushion covers off the front porch. No-one will notice, right?

Additionally, I just kind of "went at it" with a staple gun - no plan, no pattern. I'm beginning to learn that this method usually only works about 65% of the time - but hey, that's a majority.

In better news, Dan was able to fix my sewing machine without me having to send it to Schiller's, which is nice, and I should be back on the wagon by tomorrow night. Keep your eyes peeled until then!


  1. nice job on the office chair - I was going to suggest a gate for your craft room, but remembered how springy Aero is - maybe you could use a screen door instead!

  2. Nice job Mandy, one person's junk is another person's treasure.