Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trying Things

I don't know about you, but I am a visual learner. This is usually a pretty good thing for a crafter - because it enables me to create things without patterns or instructions. Hey, maybe it's some of that "engineer skill" rubbing off from the fiance.. some mechanical gift bestowed upon me: I look at something and can generally figure out how it works and how to put it together.

Alas, sometimes my confidence in this "ability" can get me into blunders. Like for example when I take something apart completely and then forget how it went together (camera lens). Last night was one of those instances.

You've seen these tin can lanterns before, I assume. I look at something like that and think "I can do that!" So I have been putting some cans aside for a trial. Last night in the darkness of the basement, I started banging away on my tins cans. I used a vice to hold the can in place, a hammer and some strange looking drill bit I found in Dan's workbench area. This was probably the wrong thing to do. I probably ruined that pokey drill bit. Don't tell him.

Anyway I went to work banging and hammering and it took me forever to get some really crappy holes that are completely mismatched and disastrous (pictures to appear later). Sometimes Mandy, you need to read directions.

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