Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Inspired Bride is a D.I.Bride

So here we are, exactly 355 days from my wedding, and I already have all of my vendors, my budget down to the nearest dollar and I have exhausted every single page on theknot.com looking for original ideas, or anything just a tad bit inspirational.

I found nothing, theknot does not strike me as a muse. The tools are great, and the message boards can be amusing - but there is no inspiration for the truly creative and unique bride. I had stopped looking at theknot for about a month when I had my idea for paper flowers.

The Paper Flower Idea came to me when I realized I didn't want to spend a ton of money on real flowers, but I wanted each chair at the outdoor ceremony to have some sort of flair. Ah-ha! I said to myself (as I often do) I could make paper flowers to attach to the programs and tissues. So I messed around with paper for a few days trying to create my very own.... it just wasn't happening. I needed help - I needed google.

I stumbled upon Elizabeth Anne Designs on my google quest to create a paper flower. What I originally searched dropped me right into this page with instructions for making a Japanese Kusudama folded paper flower. Cute, right? I then found the instructions for the accompanying rose here.

But I discovered far more than a way to make paper flowers - I had stumbled upon an entire world of people JUST LIKE ME! Crafty people, funny people, domestic divas. I am not alone, and it feels good.

All this happened just days after I had e-mailed my girlfriend who transplanted herself to Atlanta begging her to come home. "I'm all alone up here, no one else is domestic, everyone makes fun of me, I have to do everything myself..." wah, wah, waaaah.

So to say I was excited to find this crafty blogging world would be the biggest understatement ever! I hopped from one DIY blog to the next, making like 45 bookmarks in the process. A place where other people think trash is treasure (street finds, goodwill, tag sales) - a place where everyone thinks "I can do that...."

My heaven, essentially.

And then I became jealous - all of these people are paid to craft and write about it all day. I can craft, I can write, I should be paid to do these things! Alas, talent can't be found if it's hiding in a little city in Connecticut amidst unappreciative 25-year-old friends.

So then, the birth of my blog, the D.I.Bride (play on DIY, of course). Granted, I'm certainly not getting paid to do this, but I am sharing what I love in the hopes that I will someday give inspiration to other people out there just like me.

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  1. I just love your blog! I'm getting inspired too. OK, so, some bad day at the office,(but those never happen, do they?) we'll just have to reserve the conference room (the small one would be fine) and do crafts. We'll put a sign on the door. "Do not interrupt!" What do you think?