Friday, September 9, 2011

Wrapping Up

So it’s all over and done.

About 3 weeks ago, I was counting the days til it was all over. But then on the way up to Maine last Wednesday, I was scared about it being over – I thought I would be too sad.
But now I just feel relieved, and anxious to get on with my regular life. There was so much work that was done for this wedding that it really put everything else on the back burner for a long time. As we relaxed at my Nana’s house on Monday afternoon, my Mom and I reflected on some of the work that we did for this wedding, and I decided to compile a list. So here it goes, starting from the very beginning to the best of my knowledge... I am certain that I left some things out!

1.      Made the invitations for the engagement party
2.      Relationship timeline – engagement party
3.      Love Story scrapbook – engagement party
4.      Dad sheet rocked the basement wall for the e. party
5.      Mom painted the wall, and the stairs
6.      We made fabric curtains and panels to beautify the basement
7.      Mom cooked a ton of food
8.      I made my jewelry for the e. party
9.      I think I made thank-yous for this party too, but I can’t remember
10.   Tin can lanterns that were never used
11.   Thank you tags that were never used
12.   Fabric flowers for the cake stand
13.   Cut out some paper flowers for the invitations that we couldn’t make
14.   Mom did the following (and probably more) for my Shower:
-        Table runners
-        Baking
-        Invitations
-        Centerpieces
-        Trivia
-        Bags that were given as prizes
-        Flowers that were part of my gift
-        Found and oiled old cutting boards for cheese
-        Ironed all of the table cloths
15.   Bought 120 place settings: dinner and salad plate, bowl, cup and saucer.
16.   Made fabric folders to keep washed dishes safe and clean
17.   Washed all those dishes and then hand-picked each place setting.
18.   I made my jewelry for the wedding and attempted a headband that didn’t work out
19.   I made for my girls for the bridal shower:
-        Monogramed beach bags
-        Ribbon edged towels
-        Bikini bags
-        Koozies
20.   Those STUPID welcome bags!
21.   The following paper-related items:
-        Tags for the welcome bags
-        Cards for the welcome bags
-        Itinerary and area guide for the welcome bags
-        Wedding programs (for 2 weddings!)
-        Save the dates
-        Wedding invitations
-        Collection and stamping of postcards
-        “Card s” and “photo booth” signs
-        Cupcake flavor sign
-        Tags for the mason jars, inclu. Sign
-        Thank yous for the shower
-        Snack pack tags
-        Labels for trail mix in welcome bags
22.   Scrapbooks on tables with photos & descriptions
23.   Cookies and packaging in welcome bags
24.   Paper origami stars that hung
25.   Adirondack chairs for Nana
26.   Painted, sanded and scrapped 2 rattan chairs and 1 bamboo couch
27.   Sewed cushions for bamboo couch
28.   Gramma painted wooden table signs
29.   Mom and Dad made wooden table signs
30.   Dad made giant directions sign
31.   Ground up balsam and made balsam bags (stamped, sewn)
32.   Bought all lanterns and removed glass (red) added bows (white)
33.   Tried various cooking projects: whoopee pies, blueberry cookies, chocolate covered blueberries, lollipops.
34.   Sewed and embroidered blankets for weenie roast
35.   Made necklaces and earrings for each bridesmaid
36.   Mom made little clutch purses for each bridesmaid
37.   Made bracelets for our musician cousins
38.   Mom made the table runners
39.   Collected wedding paraphernalia from family
40.   Tied ribbons and tags on each and every mason jar
41.   Made the cupcake stand
42.   Made the photobooth and the tissue poms in it
43.   Mom fixed her old garter and made a new “toss” garter.
44.   Bought, washed and ironed the napkins/towels
45.   And then there was the related, but not directly wedding work:
-        Painting the farmhouse
-        Painting the porch and the fence
-        Building the road
-        Mowing the grass a million times near the river
-        Planting the flowers
-        Building the deck (hired out)
-        Building the wheelbarrow (and painting and then ruining)
-        Cutting trees and stacking wood by the river
46.   Packed and then brought all that stuff to Maine.
47.   And then we switched the venue and in the course of 2 days:
-        Bought $150 worth of potted plants which got wrapped in burlap
-        Cut birch trees to tie onto the posts
-        Strung big lights
-        Set up tables and chairs and bar, etc.  (after we moved them from the other building)
-        Set up all the wedding paraphernalia and the photo booth
-        Set an example table
-        Moved the stuff that was in the way to the other side of the building
-        Covered benches with fabric
-        Set out all the mason jars, etc
-        Strung and hung the origami stars
-        Had the strongest helpers  move benches over to our new wedding site
-        Bought a ton of lanterns, and other decorations to beautify the space
48.   Meanwhile, the Sanborn men were down by the river cutting up all the trees that fell from the hurricane and making the place pretty for the weenie roast
49.   Arranged and secured the canoes and organized the group trip down the river
50.   Hung beautiful hydrangea wreaths on the barn windows

      And when it was really over, we spent the entire next day cleaning up, which included washing those 120 place settings, drying them and then packing them up so that they could come home, where they anxiously await their next wedding!

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  1. Collecting eclectic dishes was fun - making fabric folders - ugh (but I did get rid of a lot of unwanted fabric that way!

    People loved the welcome bags - they were totally worth it.

    Finally, you should attach photos of some of the good stuff!