Monday, October 4, 2010

The Nerve.

Question: What business does theknot have e-mailing me to tell me that there is only 334 days til my wedding?

Answer: No Business! Now I am in a panic! I have reviewed my DIY list, and there is just not enough time to complete these tasks if there are really only 334 days until the wedding. Do you think it's possible theknot is just trying to trick me?

Probably not, huh?

On that note, I've been hard at work on those WIPs I showed you last week. The pink on pink fleece you saw is a blanket I am making for my sister, if it's done soon I'll give it to her for her birthday (Nov. 1), if not... Christmas is right around the corner. Speaking of Christmas: the green rosettes you saw are coming together nicely on a wreath form. The roses are made from recycled wool sweaters that I threw in the wash with *GASP* hot water! And then... I put them in the Dryer! OH NO! Actually, this is what is called "fulling" or "felting" a sweater, and it's awesome. Idea Stolen from Betz White, who I am rather obsessed with. The target bags are being recycled into reusable totes.

Yes, I know I can reuse plastic bags as they are without making more work for myself - but does that sound like something I would do?

On top of those things I also have a very long list of things that need to be done at home, for example I am currently working on cleaning up the attic and organizing all of my crap. And there is an amazing amount of crap up there. Dan says he wont start work on the kitchen floor (which the dogs chewed up) until I organize my stuff in the basement and attic. One down, one in progress.

Debating whether to give it to goodwill and be rid of it once and for all, or, save for a tag sale next year. Too hard to decide.

Cleaning the attic has reminded me of what a jerk I am. I must have 3 rubbermaid bins full of fabric, and loads of wreath forms and foam and trims and such. Does that stop me from going out and starting new craft hobbies like felting sweaters? No, it does not.

So I'm trying to stay away from joanns and michaels and ac moore and goodwill and savers.... the list goes on. No more new projects for a while. I've got to work with what I've got: which is an extensive DIY wedding list and a stash of supplies.

So sorry for the utter lack of pictures in this post - I swear - things are really happening. I will prove it one day soon!

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